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All my courses are provided under the banner of
Teacher Training Australia (TTA). In NSW and other states, ​TTA is endorsed to provide QTC Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at
Proficient Teacher
and Lead Teacher.

The Higher order thinking scaffold
toolkit: Whole day or 2 x 3 hour twilight sessions

Teachers will learn about effective ways to scaffold higher order thinking in their classroom, including graphic organisers plus strategies and processes that really work. There will be a session on each of the following: learning new concepts, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, metacognition and reflection, and an introduction to collaboration and learning conversations.  

Instructional Practices Inventory Level 1 Teacher Training

IPI is a process of systematically collecting student cognitive engagement data across a school followed by collaborative study of the data by the whole staff. The result is significantly increased class time in higher order thinking. Teachers have ownership of the process – data collections, analysis of the data and planning new goals PD.

Target audience: At least a small school team of 3-8 teachers who learn to collect valid data and lead staff in analysing the data and planning the next steps. But, the whole staff will benefit from this training in balancing classroom instruction and leading analysis of authentic data.

Leading school improvement
from the mid-level

This practical course gives wide understanding of the dynamic role of mid-level school executives in leading change and strategic planning for school improvement.

Target Audience

Heads of departments, head teachers and assistant principals and aspiring leaders

Instructional Practices Inventory
consultancy support
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Ongoing support is available for schools who would like additional help while conducting their initial data collections or while leading staff analysis of the data. An experienced, objective person can be very reassuring when a team does their first data collection. Also, some help with planning the first staff meeting where teachers will be analysing the data and deciding on the next steps can make the process much more effective and collaborative.

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