IPI Level 1 Training

16 March 2016- Source: TTA website

This course was very informative and practical. I could see the benefits to our school straight away. I really like the practical classroom experience. Thank you - Christina

The course was well presented with all the questions answered. The strategies given were very useful - Laurindah

I feel well informed to start the process at school - Julie

I found this very interesting. I didn’t have a clue what this course entailed but afterwards I have a better understanding of levels of student engagement. Great to be more aware of HOT/LOT and the differences. Sabreena was lovely.

Learned much. Practical and very useful. Hoping to implement on student learning growth.

Sabreena was fantastic and very informative. I felt like all my questions were answered.

Sabreena has a wealth of knowledge on IPI. She was interesting and had a very relaxed manner. It really made me think about my own teaching practice.

Enjoyed learning the process and structure of the coding. Gained a lot of knowledge and confidence throughout the day.

Very clearly delivered. Looking forward to the next step in the process.

Level up your history classroom

1 June 2015 - Source: TTA website

I enjoyed the overview of several programs. I thought Sabreena was an excellent presenter - Megan

Clear delivery. Informative. Useful resources.

5 April 2016

Lots of good new ideas - Franca

Great ideas for enhancing learning with technology. Good explanation of the tools. Helpful resources.

Very useful and easy to use in my classes.

Resurrecting the Cities of Vesuvius with sources and evidence Online
17 May - 21 June 2016
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Source: TTA website

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Northern Sydney region 2009-13

Early Career Teachers and Quality Assessment, Authentic Assessment in Stage 6 - 

I have learnt so much, and I have reflected on my teaching

I have been excited to think of new ways to engage my students, not only for assessment tasks but daily!  

Project Based Learning with ICT in the Classroom

The resources are brilliant, so much work!

The OneNote has made my planning so much easier – everything is there. Thank you so much.

Leading your faculty in Digital Education Revolution Head Teacher Project

This was a great day- so much information, so useful. One of the best inservices I've ever attended

Very useful with a great package of tools to aid HT implementing change. Thanks for your enthusiasm and assistance

Source: NSR DER Plan Evaluation 2011

Maximising higher order thinking in the 21st century classroom

25 May 2016 - Source: TTA website

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27 May 2016

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Source: TTA website

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